It was 10 years' ago today... - Graham Southard

                          Posted: 10 October 2017

On this day 10 years' ago, 26 October 2007, I was in woodland just over a mile from my house early in the morning taking this photograph. Why?

The company I worked for had decided on a change of name and image. As part of that process we wanted a picture that would represent our company, and, being in the timber business, something to do with trees sounded like a good idea. But other timber companies used a picture of a tree, so we needed something a little different. The marketing company we hired to help with the transition had proposed a picture of an oak leaf. It looked great, but oak is an hardwood and our company sells only softwoods, so not quite right. I was then asked, being known for taking a few photographs, to see what I could come up with. My prior attempts to this day had not been encouraging, and the others I took that morning were nothing to write home about. But then, just when I was getting frustrated, I looked through the viewfinder and macro lens to see this. Bingo!

I thought it was "the one". But would it get approved? It did, and was used in our marketing campaign when the new company name rolled out on 1 January, 2008. And a large, 8-foot version was printed onto the side curtains of our HGV transport - and is still being used to this day.