Salt Lake from the air... - Graham Southard

This the the salt lake at Pedra de Lume in the northeast of the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Situated in the crater of an extinct volcano, it measures a total of 900 meters (3,000 feet) in width. The salt evaporation ponds were built over a natural salt lake, formed because the crater is below sea level, so water flowed in but could not flow out, was therefore trapped and formed the salt lake.

Extraction began in the 1800s and was the island's main export (first to Brazil and then to France), production eventually ceasing in the 1990s. Part of the salt transportation system can be seen, whereby a system of rigs allowed the bags of salt to be transported out of the crater. Today, it is a tourist attraction where bathers can swim and float in the salty waters.

This image is a panorama of several images taken from the air by a Mavic drone and stitched together. Isn't is amazing what technology can do?!